Introducing the Cekamon Pallet stripping machine.

Upcycling Wooden Pallets
April 20, 2019
Heat-treated Pallets
February 1, 2020
The team here at Beamish Pallet Recycling are pleased to share a few shots of our new Cekamon Pallet stripping machine from Holland. This machine enables us to dismantle non-standard pallets and then reuse the wood material to manufacture the 'New Life' pallet to your specification. With this awesome machine, we only dismantle pallets that are of a high standard with clean timber so you receive an 'As New' type pallet for the cost of a recycled pallet price which is of course significantly less. Timber prices in the last 12 months have increased by 70% so it makes perfect sense to use a 'New Life' pallet. We currently dismantle approx 3000 boards a day which enables us to meet demands large and small. So please feel free to take the opportunity to ask us for a quote and we will happily provide samples.