Growing the future of the recycled pallet industry

Our goal is to exceed your standard pallet experience

Comprehensive coverage at a moments notice

As a result of our comprehensive coverage throughout South Wales, we are able to offer the most robust supply lines in the pallet manufacturing industry. This coverage helps us keep your products moving when logistics are working against you. This understanding of the importance of logistics is what makes us an industry leader.

Experienced team

We are proud to boast a fully experienced team

Our regional managers and production staff all keep quality as our number one priority, which has helped up build up a reputation of quality which can not be matched by other pallet manufacturers.

Pallet Delivery

We are able to offer quick access to a professional and reliable pallet solution to suit all types of logistical requirements and we are pleased to be able to offer a full pallet delivery service at your request..

Dennis Kitt

Director of operations. Boasting a lifetime of working in the wood industry means that there is little that can surprise Dennis when a logistical issue is concerned. Dennis can use his experience to come up with new strategies & workflows to enhance your profit.

David Taylor

David is our assembly manager. He makes sure of the smooth day to day running of operations. He will monitor the output levels and ensure that we are processing enough clean wood to satisfy your order. David is a magician with wood and can turn a humble pallet into a piece of designer furniture fit for a Chelsea Homeware shop.

Kalee Louise

Our finance manager Kalee. A part-time stylist & fashion guru too! Kalee has worked in finance within the textile industry so is expertly placed to deal with ensuring our customer's budgets are maintained and that our production process is seamless.

Tom Samuels

Responsible for our communications. Ensuring that we deliver the message of how important it is to look after the environment to our customers and the wider communities that we operate in.