As a company if we are successful in supplying you with your pallet requirements and you have surplus standard pallets to dispose of then we can purchase them from you or if they are non-standard pallets then we can remove them free of charge on our return journey.

In some cases you may have a roll on roll off waste bin for scrap wood on site we can also supply this facility. If the pallets are stacked safely in bundles of fifteen we can remove them from your site on our return visit to you.
This scrap wood timber that we collect from you will then be shredded through our recycling process as per our website. This is generally turned into biomass fuel which is an environmentally friendly option. Here at Beamish Pallets, we are able to carry on our 7.5 tonnes trucks up to 200 pallets. Articulated lorries can be scheduled for you if the requirements are greater. To dispose of your wood please send us a message via the contact form or drop us a line.